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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Nov 10, 2016)
God, I still have this on bookmarks bar, but I got 2 kids since I was last on...
(Aug 16, 2016)
I am thinking of doing Legion if anyone still around shout
(Aug 16, 2016)
Wow This website still exists
(May 15, 2016)
Anyone still playing wow? :)
(Apr 19, 2016)
P.S. Whoever still pays for this server space, bravo!
(Apr 19, 2016)
Well, the closing of Nostalrius made me think of you guys. Hope you're all well! :)
(Dec 26, 2014)
(Aug 22, 2013)
anyone playing Dota2?
(Nov 30, 2012)
(Nov 24, 2012)
Yeah, which server huh?
(Nov 20, 2012)
So what server are you lot playing on ?
(Oct 14, 2012)
(Oct 02, 2012)
well I played for a couple of hours... then patch came and now it crashes every 3min... I guess it was not to be
(Sep 27, 2012)
finally.. the right beta 8)
(Sep 20, 2012)
Updated PS2 thread with TS3 details and plan for remainder of BETA and release
(Sep 19, 2012)
ok, thanks
(Sep 19, 2012)
(Sep 19, 2012)
Will PM you the beta key
(Sep 19, 2012)
Is it the same one you mentioned in the thread. I could take it instead of using that other account unless there is someone who really wants in on it now.
(Sep 18, 2012)
I have another beta key to hand out, so can give to anyone who wants their own account set up for BETA